Vinyl & Laminate Flooring

Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring can be described as a multi-layer synthetic product, fused together with the lamination process. It comes under two layers; an outer clear protective layer and an inner core made up of fibers that mimic wood's growth pattern when it expands after drying out in shade or wet conditions - which means this type if surface will never shrink nor crack like other materials do!

How Easy Is Laminate Installation?

Our team can install several hundred square feet in just one weekend! Not only is this option durable enough to handle heavy traffic but it also cleans easily with little maintenance needed because machine-made construction makes them resistant stain warping or buckling under pressure while their aluminum oxide coating provides high degree scratch resistance perfect suited towards those who have messy toddlers running around on shoes all day long. And don't forget about how water resistant these cores really are perfect if your kitchen

Person putting laminate flooring on floor cover
Person attaching laminate to existing floorMan aligning floor laminate
Zoomed in picture of a person installing flooring

What Wood Does OC Flooring Use?

With the latest industry knowledge and trends, we offer hundreds or samples for us choose from and we bring them right into your home! It’s like having a private boutique in the comfort of your own home.

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