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When Should I Recoat My Floors?

We all know that floors can wear out in time. But when you need a fresh coat of paint or new carpet, there's no better company to turn to! Many people have been doing business with us for decades because they trust our name and experience.

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How Does Recoating Work?

Floor tiles

As soon as you notice light scratches on your floor, it’s time for a check up with our technicians. We can recoat the entire surface or just certain areas depending what needs attention most urgently!

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Refinishing floors will protect them from deep scratches in the finishing, reduce how often you’ll need to do this over their lifetime and give your home a fresh new look. Recoating is an option for homeowners who want protection or just like changing up what color they have been using on repeat designs within one room!


You can have your floor back in just a day with our quick and easy recoat process. We take off any scuff marks, then add new polyurethane that will make the surface more reflective of its original shine while still protecting against dirt particles or other accidents from happening!

Why Should I Refinish My Floors?

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There is no need to wait until your beautiful wood floor cracks or dries out because of its scratched surface. With some professional cleaning, you can quickly and easily get rid these problems before they become permanent fixtures in the way that will affect how well this material performs over time!

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Hardwood floors are beautiful and well-made, but they're also difficult to refinish. You need the right equipment for a successful project - and that means knowing how your flooring is made! It takes patience as well: if you don't sand enough or stain too many times it'll be obvious from just looking at them (or walking on).

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When you need flooring, it's important to find someone who will take care of your floors as if they were their own. That’s why OC Flooring has the most experienced professionals in Lynnwood and pays attention even details about our customer satisfaction guarantee that we're thrilled with final results!

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