Dustless Floor Sanding

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Dustless floor sanding
The traditional way of sanding with a messy cloth bag
Dust-free floor refinishing
Our way of sanding where the dust is sucked outside

"Say Goodbye to Messy Floors: Experience Dust-Free Sanding!"

Absolutely, the traditional sanding process for hardwood floors can indeed create a significant amount of dust, causing a mess that can be challenging to clean up. However, with our dustless floor sanding method, you can eliminate the majority of the dust and maintain a cleaner and more organized environment during the refinishing process.

Our dustless sanding method utilizes innovative dust containment systems that are designed to capture and contain the dust generated during sanding. This means that instead of having piles of dust scattered throughout your home, the dust is collected and contained within the system, significantly reducing the mess and hassle.

Not only does dustless sanding help to keep your home cleaner, but it also improves the air quality during the refinishing process. Traditional sanding can release a large amount of fine dust particles into the air, which can be harmful to breathe in and can settle on surfaces throughout your home. With our dustless sanding process, you can minimize the amount of airborne dust, creating a healthier environment for you and your family.

Furthermore, opting for dustless sanding doesn't compromise the quality of the refinishing results. Our advanced techniques and equipment ensure that your hardwood floors are sanded and refinished to the highest standards, leaving you with beautifully rejuvenated floors without the mess.

So, with our dustless sanding method, you can embrace a cleaner and more efficient refinishing process. Say goodbye to the excessive dust and the hassles of clean-up, and enjoy the benefits of a tidier home environment while achieving top-quality results for your hardwood floors.

3 Reasons Why Dust Is a Concern...

There are 3 main things you need to be concerned about when it comes to floor refinishing dust.
Eco-friendly floor sanding

REASON 1 The Mess

We’re pretty sure you don’t fancy coming home to your newly refinished floors and then spending days on end cleaning up all the dust left behind. Because the dust made by the sanding machines is so fine, it gets on to and into everything. Absolutely everything. If not contained, you’ll be cleaning it out of your cupboards, closets, curtains and duct work for weeks to come.

Clean floor sanding services

REASON 2 It’s Toxic

Another concerning issue is the hazardous nature of the floor sanding dust. The first sanding pass removes the old coat of existing finish. Most, if not all, finishes are very toxic. If you have an older house, who knows what is in that coating applied decades ago. Without proper dust mitigation, you, your family and your pets will be breathing in those dangerous substances.

Dustless hardwood floor refinishing

REASON 3 Contaminants in Finish

The final reason dust is an issue for your project is to do with the quality of your coatings. If your home is full of dust after the sanding process, some of it WILL end up in the finish. That’s ok for the first few coats, but you don’t want that happening on the final coat. Nothing is more annoying than paying thousands of dollars to restore your floors and then seeing and feeling lumps, bumps and debris on it.

Dust control is indeed a significant concern, and we prioritize it in our services.
We provide two options for dust containment, allowing you to choose the level of cleanliness you desire at the end of the project

Standard Dust Control

At our company, we prioritize dustless sanding for all our projects. As the name suggests, this standard package is a significant improvement over traditional sanding methods. Unlike the old approach that relies on cloth bags to collect dust from sanding machines, our dustless setup guarantees superior results.

While the cloth bags effectively capture larger, coarse dust particles, they often fall short when it comes to finer particles. Consequently, working with someone using cloth bags will invariably result in a dusty mess that requires cleanup afterward. Opting for a business equipped with a dustless setup is a much wiser choice in order to avoid such issues.

Low-dust floor restoration
Setting up the cyclone/HEPA filter attachment on one of our belt sanders...
Dust control floor sanding
The outside part of the dustless system... with the collected dust from an average hardwood floor sand and refinish project.

Premium Service

Introducing our "Dust Control Pro" Package, the ultimate solution for maintaining a dust-free home. This upgrade includes all the features from Option 1, plus three additional valuable features that ensure a zero-dust environment upon completion.

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