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Couture presents the newest addition to style forward collection from Kentwood, Katwalk. Bold, confident and distinctive in a world of style, the Katwalk Collection expresses design forward character with magnificent planks dressed in an elegant yet durable veneer of brushed Oak and modern and progressive color that makes a truly sophisticated statement. A model of style and substance - coupled with a low luster easy care polyurethane finish, that deliver a ready to wear surface you’ll love now and for years to come.

Hardwood flooring
Engineered hardwood floors
Solid hardwood flooring
Durable wood floors
Engineered wood flooring options
Luxury hardwood flooring
Hardwood floor installation
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Gulf is inspired by the freedom and expansiveness of nature. The organic hues of these large boards complement its dense oak grain with contrasting accents of filled knots and cracks, making the space look spacious and extremely stylish.

Quality solid wood floors
Hardwood flooring styles
Engineered hardwood durability
Solid hardwood floor designs
Eco-friendly hardwood floors
Premium engineered wood
Traditional solid hardwood
Modern hardwood flooring solutions
Engineered hardwood finishes
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Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (LVP)

Solid wood floor maintenance
fade resistant uv top coat
Hardwood flooring trends
limited lifetime residential warranty
Custom hardwood floor designs
superior stain & abrasion resistance
hardwood floor designs
waterproof composite core

Rigid Core combines the very best features of both laminate and luxury vinyl. The boards are rigid planks with a ‘click together’ joint system such as the one used for laminate. But they’re constructed from a waterproof vinyl composite material, which gives them ‘install it anywhere’-flexibility of vinyl flooring.

WPC floors are made with a core of PVC, designed with just a little ‘give’ to provide a comfortable walking surface. SPC products have tiny granules of crushed stone mixed with the PVC, which makes the core more durable and firmer underfoot.

Vital Collection 12mm

Vinyl plank flooring
Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)
Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
Waterproof vinyl flooring
Easy-installation LVT
High-quality vinyl plank
LVT flooring designs
Durable LVP floors
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Sheffield Collection 20mm

Scratch-resistant vinyl flooring
LVP flooring styles
LVT for home renovation
Affordable vinyl plank options

Terrace Collection 20mm

Stone-look LVT designs
Commercial-grade vinyl flooring
Pet-friendly LVP floors
Versatile LVT flooring solutions
Eco-friendly vinyl plank
Low maintenance LVT
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vinyl plank installation

LVP / Vinyl Installation

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laminate installation


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